Describe your relationship with art and WIN

If art making is a partnership, what kind of relationship do you have?

Are you steamy lovers who can’t get enough of each other?
Is it a cold war with no contact?
Are you always fighting?
Or somewhere in-between or on another spectrum?

Get the creative juices started with a colorful description that captures what your relationship with your art is like, in 15 words or less by filling out the below form. I will print the responses in an upcoming Art Spark. Include how you would like your name to appear.

All submissions will then go into a random drawing and one lucky art maker (or wanna be art maker) will win a free one hour individual session at the studio, over Skype or on the phone! The winner will be announced in an upcoming Art Spark, so be sure to check your email!

If you have friends that want to participate have them join in on the conversation!

Go play with words!

Get started!

Fill out the form below.


  1. Deep love, great fun, hotter than Georgia asphalt…

  2. Delicate night-time explorations into the intimate images of my fruitful imagination.

  3. Art is a divine pimp,
    painting my soul
    and revealing it
    on the corner.

  4. We are soulmates – who knew it!

  5. We can’t get enough of each other…

  6. I let the medium choose me – this keeps my head, heart, hands in “it” always!

  7. michele lyons says

    Michele says:

    art…. at times, evasive like the sun behind the coastal fog, other times, raring to go like my dog Rufus!

  8. My soothing shelter from time and external actions…freeing the me I am to become

  9. Soft touch of my mother’s hand, & excitement of riding down the rapids on a raft

  10. Tish I love this! My relationship with my art is a summer fling, totally passionate and in awe of each other but it only lasts a month or so, and then we’re back to the real world and don’t see each other again until the summer heat comes back around

  11. Karen Burstein says

    Art is a harvest of thought, tools ,work and play. The paper is my soil and I am planting seeds of wonder through color and design. I honor the miracle of creation.

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