Voice Circle

Voice Circle Evening – A 2.5 Hour Voice Retreat!

-Discover your rich, full and re-sounding voice.
-Explore the depth of your balanced, effortless sound!

February 16th
6:30 – 9:00 p.m., Cost: $35

No previous singing experience needed.

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Voice, singing, expressive arts

Share your singing in a circle of women and men, sewing and sounding our vocal threads together. Experience your voice in a new and intimate way, learning to trust it and to share it.

With Kathrin Keune  explore the rich, full, comfortable and re-sounding voice – a voice that is heard, a voice that finds balance, harmony and peace within self and together in the group. Join us for an adventure of singing, chanting, moving with the vibrations and allowing for space, freedom and roundness in your voice.

No previous singing experience needed!

Join us for this special adventure with Opera singer and Expressive Arts therapist Kathrin Keune in this journey of reaching for the skies of your own song.

With her combined 10 years of experience as an Expressive Arts Practitioner and performer, Kathrin is passionate about supporting people in uncovering their authentic voices. Using voice, movement, theater and poetry, she is offering tools to playfully access a full range of possibilities for living and being in this world. Kathrin teaches at the Expressive Arts Institute, guides her coaching company Artsbased as CEO and gives private workshops and lessons.

RSVP kathrin@artsbased.com
Click here to pay using your credit card at PayPal