Visioning Support Group

4-Thursdays in August, 6- 8:00 p.m.
$25 each or $80 for All 4 • RSVP

What ideas or dreams call to you? What desire for change or manifestation shows up on your list every year? Whether it is a little dream like eating mindful meals or a big one like traveling the world or changing careers, use the power of the group and the arts to help you see where you want to put your attention — and move forward through baby steps.  I am creating my dream in my studio, Expressive Arts @ 32nd & Thorn, and I want to help you create yours, too.

Using art we will play with :
• What is it that I want anyway?
• Addressing fear through baby steps
• Direction rather than destination

Don’t let 2011 go by without making progress toward something you love.

This group is to help keep you on track with what ever you want to create in your life. With the support of others, we will explore commitments for baby steps that will add up to bigger movement.

Don’t let another year go by where you think you need to do it alone!


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