Scribble to Music – On-line Class


(No one turned away for lack of funds, donate what you can!)

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EVERYONE knows how to scribble and EVERYONE has scribble supplies, a pen and paper! So join us for a fun on-line experience to see how many people we can get scribbling at one time!

Let the music move you to play with line, color and shape and get your creative juices moving! When you work fast there is less time for the critic to jump in! No experience needed, you set your own pace.

It is all about the process, not the end product!

And, as a master scribble artist, I will pass along my knowledge to you in ways that will help you experiment and explore so you can learn to scribble without worrying what it looks like and follow what feels good so you find your own personal scribble style.

This easy class will help you release stress from your day, help you find balance and get your creativity moving!

No previous scribble experience necessary, but you know you have it! You do not need to know what to scribble, I will get you started!

Scribble to Music, an new experiment with following the music and our pleasures to arrive somewhere unexpected – ON-LINE!!!