About Expressive Arts @ 32nd & Thorn

Helping you relax, grow and change.

Expressive Arts @ 32nd & Thorn is a studio dedicated to helping people create a more satisfying and expressive life. We are committed to using the arts (visual, movement, writing, drama and music) in a simple and easy way for self-discovery, to communicate, to build relationships, and to find resources to create change. We are here to support you if you are dealing with major stressors such as illness, death, divorce, job loss, self esteem, addictions, body image, fear of making art or you have a simple desire to live a more relaxed and creative life.

We offer a variety of groups, classes, and workshops that will help you to manage change that has been thrust upon you or to create change that you are ready for in your life. Individual sessions are perfect for one-on-one focused attention. Call for a free, 30-minute session with Tish Sjoberg to see if Expressive Arts are a good fit for you.

Let us help you reduce stress, relax, grow and increase your ability to express yourself.

Some forms of expression we offer are:

Painting, sand play, junk sculpture, clay (air dry), drumming and music, fabric arts, collage, drama, poetry and writing, video, photography, dance, movement, stretching, mask making, costuming and much, much, more. Creating art out of everyday objects and experiences is our specialty!

Helping create community.

Expressive Arts @ 32nd and Thorn is founded on the principal that “it takes a village.”  Working together using the arts and artful thinking we can inspire each other; motivate each other; and teach each other. Art making in an atelier style (artists working together) we can learn new ideas and techniques as well as experience acceptance and support from others — this positive support can be a valuable tool in growing our creative confidence. In addition, art making as a community can help us learn about ourselves in relation to others and to see others in a new light.  The arts help us create connections and communicate in ways that words alone may not.

Showing art that helps create change.

Expressive Arts @ 32nd & Thorn is also home to the Ray of Light Gallery where we show the work of clients and artists that can teach us about ourselves and about social and emotional issues that we may not fully understand. The gallery is intended to be a working exhibition space where attendees are encouraged to contribute to the art making. We are not just looking at art but also responding to it with our own art.

Art is for Everyone

We know that sometimes when the need is the highest for help, the funds are the lowest. We do not want to turn anyone away. When at all possible, we will provide a sliding scale and work/study for those who cannot afford to pay full price for an offering. So don’t say no because of money. Call first! (619) 251-8474