Gift Certificates and Passes

30-Day Express Pass

$111 ($300+ value!)

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30 days begins when you attend your first event after purchase.


Women’s Expression Session
Paint to Music
Art Church
Art Happy Hour

Music Collective
Open Mic
Open Studios

Writers’ Open Mic

Can only be used by the person whose name is on the card

Be prepared to show I.D.
Event list is subject to change without notice.
*30 Days begin when you attend your first event after purchase.
Pass start date must be no later than one year after purchase. That is so you will use it!

RSVP for events: 619-251-8474
For current calendar: www.ExpressiveArtsSanDiego.com

One Class Pass

Good for ONE of the above classes – $25

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One Open Studio Pass

Good for ONE Open Studio – $15

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30-Day Open Studio Pass

Good for all Open Studios in a 30 Day Period (Usually at least eight) $55

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Gift Certificates

Can be applied to any groups, classes, workshops facilitated by Tish McAllise Sjoberg

Contact Tish, see below!


(619) 251-8474